Medical Billing Managment System

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Medicine Billing Management:

Medical billing software provides increased convenience for providers, less tracking of paperwork and a more streamlined office. Medical Billing Software is a cost effective and easy-to-use medical billing and scheduling practice management system for the small to medium size provider office.


Key Features

i)Masters Entries

ii)Item Management(Batch and Expiry Wise)

iii)Cost Management

iv)Purchase Management

v)Production Management

vi)Inventory Management (Multi Level)

vii)Sales Management  (Batch and Expiry Wise)

viii) Accounts Management

ix) Stock Management  &  Adjustment

x) MIS  (Reporting  Management)

xi) Analysis à  a) Sales

                          b) Purchase

xii) Tax Management

xiii) Users Management

xiv)  Live  preview of multiple counter sales & purchase

xv) Export To Tally.