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I too can’t seem to get beyond a generic this-is-what-the-necklace-is-made-of description. And I used to write display advertising copy for a daily newspaper. For JEWELLERY STORES, no less. Gaaaaah.

·         There is a war I fight between my black-tee-shirt-and-jeans-no-jewellery-clad, hard-nosed, concrete view of the world, a world divided by practical needs versus impractical wants, and remember what it’s like to be awe-struck by whimsy and impracticality and overcome by irrational desire for something so beautiful my brains go out the window.

·         The trick I’ve found is I have to forget I ever made the piece (even if it takes sometimes waiting a day or two to post it online), and imagine it from the point of view of the customer who first lays eyes on this object of perfection they’ve been searching for all their lives…

I find it profoundly difficult to become that objective, but on the other hand (I tell myself over and over) if I don’t have faith in what I create then how can my potential customer? Still, I’m in awe of the fantasy scenarios that some people are able to concoct around their pieces.

In analyzing what others write, there’s a lot of concrete information about the stones woven throughout in imaginative ways: the legends, the properties, the history… which means half the writing work has already been done.