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Car Rental Service Billing:

Whether you have 1 location or 1000, car rental software and fleet management systems are essential to running your business. Many companies provide these to the car rental industry – but how are they different and how can they support your growth?

We work with many different car rental platforms and this post highlights some of the things we've learned along the way.

In an industry that becomes more competitive every year, you need to find new ways to market your product and retain your customers. It’s not enough to focus on fleet efficiency; you need to focus on improving your customer’s experience at every stage. How are you different from your competitors? Why should customers choose to book a car with you – are you simply competing on price?

How can you deliver these with minimum response time and continue to do so as your business scales? A car rental system that leverages will support your business growth, reduce processing times and lower your operating costs. Do you already understand the benefits computing for your business?

Your customers are increasingly using mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices to meet their travel needs – including renting vehicles.

Do you provide the ability for your customers to access rental information on the go and view interactive location maps? Can they book easily on smart phones? Think about digital signage and touch screen kiosks – how could they help promote your brand and increase your revenue?

Older car rental software may meet your basic car rental management needs – but does it allow you to deliver the experience your customers demand?

If you choose a solid car rental platform with an API, you have more control over how your brand is represented and the ability to improve your customers’ experience. A website that is optimized for conversion and SEO is essential to growing your direct business – but you need the core foundations to support this.

We don’t provide central reservation systems – it’s not our business. We work with car rental companies that already have a reservation system with an API; this is a conscious decision that means we don’t work with everyone that contacts us.

I’m not going to steer you down a specific path – but if you’re evaluating car rental booking platforms, ask them about their API and what it allows you to do.

On the flip-side, if you already have a reservation platform: are you leveraging everything that the API allows?

Could using your API provide an easy way to improve your customer experience and maximize your revenue?