Hospital Management system

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The Hospital Management System (HMS) is a computer-based system that establishes an orderly and systematic method of managing hospital and clinic patient records more effectively and efficiently for both out-patients and in-patients.


The system manages daily activities of the hospital/clinic in all its departments – Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Records, Out Patient Departments (OPD) and all wards – Medical & Surgical, Maternity, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operating Theatre, Special side wards and isolations wards.

Basic System Features The main components of the system include:-

Management of International Classification of Diseases (ICD), WHO disease codes, etc  and codification of all services in the hospital/clinic for standardized reference and easy to use across the hospital/clinic

 Management of registered members details including digital identities where the system stores members photos for easy of identification

 Patients Record management through records of medical services provided or rendered to the patient

 Stock inventory control, management of pharmacy drugs, laboratory supplies, etc  Patients movement tracking within the hospital/clinic both for in-patients and out-patients .

Automated Medical Billing for various medical services provided to registered members who include: out patients services, in-patient services etc .

Management of Cash transactions including:

Generating of medical statistical reports for internal use and submission to the health boards

Interfaces with various electronic equipment in the hospital / clinic.

 Scheduling of daily appointments

Ward services management such as admissions, patients movement and discharges.

Benefits of the Hospital Management System

1 Flexibility - Application can be tailored to meet your needs and not ours

2 Simple - Easy menu for navigation.

3 Easy to learn - Graphic user interface of the application is user friendly.

 4 Reports: Generates reports into PDF, HTML, XML etc. Some of the reports that the application has are:-

 * Services analysis details - Displays service analysis details by service unit and month.

 * Summary Services Analysis - Display service analysis details with actual, discount and net charge details. Information can be queried on specific companies or service unit or even all companies and service units.

 * Invoices analysis data - Displays invoice details

* Receipts analysis - Displays important information about the all purchase orders that have been delivered and received by month.

* Monitoring of service charges - Displays outstanding charges in HMS i.e. services that have record by OPD but not yet entered by the respective service unit. The information displayed by this screen is very important. Respective service units can be advised to enter all the reflected outstanding charges

 * Medical Statistics