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CRM with Call Recording:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a class of software which provides structure and coherency in the management of business contacts and potential contacts. “Leads” obtained through any number of methods can be entered into the system, assigned to responsible employees, and developed into clients, customers, or partners with a full record of all interactions. The CRM organizes information about customers and the various interactions with them from the qualifying stage through closing of sales. The fundamental process which a CRM enables is the development of a potential client into a paying customer.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System handles interactions with clients and potential clients, and/or with partners, journalists, and other persons. Its objective is to provide a convenient and transparent tool which improves relationship quality and therefore the bottom line.


Customer Relation Management:

There are many reasons why organisations invest in a new CRM strategy. Professionally implemented CRM systems deliver many benefits for sales, marketing, service and other teams.

·       Decision making is nimble and well informed supported by real-time CRM reporting across all business    areas.

·     Effective time management as CRM prompts users to follow up on activities and automates alerts when important events occur, or if actions are missed.

·         Higher quality lead generation from marketing activities by leveraging CRM customer segmentation to send targeted campaigns and personalised messages that resonate.

·         Pipeline reports are trusted and are used as the basis for reliable sales and production forecasts to predictably manage cash flow.

·       Performance hotspots are quickly identified enabling timely action to be taken to correct issues and reward outstanding achievers. The value of each client relationship is understood ensuring that resources are prioritised to protect the most profitable accounts. 

·         Process automation replaces repetitive manual tasks by cutting admin work and eliminating duplication so teams can focus on profitable activity.

·         Improved customer experience as everyone has access to complete relationship detail wherever they work to engage with clients and deliver amazing service.

      Communication is strength. Shared diaries, team calendars and service schedules give everyone clear visibility of individual activities.

·     CRM integrates with finance and other back-office applications to connect processes and remove double handling of tasks.

·      Users can instantly check order histories to understand customer buying patterns and identify new selling opportunities.

·      Email marketing actions are reported in CRM so hot prospects are immediately identified and routed to sales teams.

·        Do business anywhere by having reliable access to all the client, sales and relationship detail you need using CRM apps in mobile and table devices.

·         Connected business processes by managing all key workflows in a single application, including diverse processes like contracts, projects, events and applications.

·         A positive team culture as staff share information, collaborate effectively, and gain a better understanding of other areas in your organisation.

·         Sales cycles are shortened and win rates improve as teams better focus their efforts on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

·       Critical customer data is safeguarded as teams and individuals are granted access at levels that are consistent with their role and responsibility.

·       Training costs are reduced by equipping users with tools they are already familiar with and applying guided processes that direct them to successful outcomes.

      Scalability that fuels your business growth by adding more CRM functions and processes. As your requirements change CRM solutions and have the scalability to grow with your business.

Partnering with small and medium businesses, charities, enterprise teams and start-up firms we promise you'll receive exceptional value whatever stage you're at in your CRM journey. Our consultative approach ensures that our recommendations are based on a clear understanding of your business, your industry, your unique processes and your challenges.

If your priorities include sales driven growth, doing more to delight your customers, increasing marketing ROI, or improving operational efficiency we will help you achieve your goals.