RS Group of Companies, emerging with the latest technologies in Development field to create better software, web development and web portal for last twenty years along with it’s associated group of Companies.

Maintaining our unique service facilities and working skill we have already included some renowned clients in our clientele dictionary both in Govt and Private sectors throughout the nation. We have proved our expertisation to them in different spheres like customized software, corporate presentation, Visual Advertisement, Media Graphics & 3D Modeling with virtual reality & Walkthroughs.

In the era of globalization all the organizations are going to meet them together under global marketing through dot(.)net technology. We are acting as a reliable mediator to present these companies as an “Excellent” in the global network through our system.

Starting as a reseller, we now have 7 dedicated servers running on the fastest speeds known to mankind. Our servers run on Operating Systems such as Linux 9.0, Windows 2000/2003 and we also have Oracle Support. We run each server on approximately a 1500 GB Bandwidth per month. On the Internet, speed is king. Our data Centres (where our servers are physically located) are connected to major backbone providers such as UUNET (MCI Worldcom), Sprint and AT&T. Words, which we tell once, is our largest advertiser. Honesty and reliability have led people to believe in host and us with us.

Our clients range right from the major areas of the Government, Corporate, Small / Large Businesses, Universities, NGO’s, International clients to single website users who simply need web presence. Our resellers are located all over the world.