Billing Solution For Product Sales

Bricks Manufacturing and Sales Management

Call Center Solution

Car Rental service Billing

CRM with call recording

Customer Relation Management

Diagnostics Management System

ERP For Manufacturer(Calender,Diary)

ERP For Trading & ERP For Manufacturering

Footware Management

HIMS (Hospital Information & Management System)

Hospital Management system

Hotel Management

Housing Co-operative Management

Institude Management System

Jewellery Sales & Management

Jewellery Service/Workshop Managment

Leather Export System

Medical Billing Managment System

Online Order & Delivery Managment

Online Car Status Display For Car Workshop

Online Diagnostic Billing

Online Diagnostic Franchise Management

Online Hotel Portal

Paper Mill Managment

Payroll Management

Restaurant & Bar Management

Retail sales Portal for Online Shopping

Retail Showroom Management

Scheduler & Appointment Management

Security Guard Management

Software for Exporting Data to Tally

Survey Analysis Cum GIS Tracking for South Eastern railway

Tally syncronization